What Are We All About?

Advocacy to Action was founded on the belief that America is a great country, that our citizens want to be involved, that our citizens can be involved and that we can all make a difference by collectively making an impact. We provide avenues and conduits for people to get informed, stay informed, take action and positively impact the areas in which they feel passionate.

We have technology that gets voices heard by directly telling governing bodies, Congress and even the President how citizens feel. These conduits are direct to the decision holders and policy makers of this great country.

We allow your voice, your needs and your opinion to stand strong, to be greater than one lone voice in the wilderness and to be a change agent for the good of this country!

It just so happens that the same technology used for making a positive influence in your world, can be used to reach your customer base, clients and donors. For more information, please feel free to toss us an email.