Turncoat RINOs Introduce Amnesty Bill, Declare Trump's Wall Legislation 'Dead on Arrival'

When President Trump asked last month for $1.6 billion to get started with the border wall, the RINOs in Congress refused to fund the project. Instead, they promised "next time." Well, that time has come. President Trump submitted his budget to Congress this week, once again asking for $1.6 billion to start building the wall. Again, the same RINOs who threatened a shutdown last time are saying the border wall request is "dead on arrival."

Meanwhile, the Turncoat Republicans are drafting a "comprehensive immigration bill" that creates backdoor amnesty and once again doesn't fund President Trump's border wall.

Behind the scenes, Congress is doing everything in its power to stop the border wall from being built and they are praying that you don't figure it out until it's too late.

Well, now you know and it is not too late for you to act!

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