Our Message for This Memorial Day

In 2015, the Obama administration fired Phoenix VA administrator Sharon Helman. Not only did she preside over a scandal that saw VA employees enriching themselves while veterans died waiting to see a doctor, but Helman personally profitted to the tune of $50k from bribes. She was convicted in a court of law of ethics violations.

This month, however, a Federal Appeals Court overturned her firing. The Judges determined that firing a VA employee convicted of accepting bribes was a violation of her rights. She is now a VA employee once again.

This is happening across the country. The Trump administration is not allowed to fire VA employees. They have too many protections.

On this Memorial Day, we honor the fallen who sacrificed everything to preserve our way of life. But we also must remember that brave men and women continue to fall and needlessly die in a corrupt VA hospital system.

Throughout history, American heroes answered the call to defend your rights. Now is the time for you to answer the call to defend theirs!

Send your Memorial Day FaxBlast below and DEMAND that Congress remove the red tape and let the Trump administration clean house at the VA!

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