It's Happening: Trump Goes After Everyone Who Covered Up Clinton Crimes

The entire Clinton Cash-Uranium One cover-up is unraveling. New reports now show that practically everyone involved in the fake Trump investigation had a chance to go after the Clintons for colluding with Russia. Instead, they chose to cover up the Clinton Cash scandal.

This is a chance to get not only Robert Mueller, James Comey, and Andrew McCabe, but also to take down Obama and the Clintons!

Trump can't investigate this. No, literally, he can't. Everyone he has the power to order around is implicated in this. It would be like forcing a criminal to investigate themselves. 

The President needs YOUR help forcing Congress to dive head first into this!

Please, join the fight right now! Use our FaxBlast system below and FORCE Congress to investigate, prosecute, and, yes, even jail every single Obama-era official involved in this cover-up!

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