Mitch McConnell Laughs After Obama Judge Protects Sanctuary Cities

Mitch McConnell must be laughing. An Obama-appointed Judge just blocked Trump from targeting Sanctuary City funding. McConnell has had Kate's Law on his desk for almost 150 days. Yet, he refuses to allow it to reach the floor for a vote.

This GOP coward has been blocking this bill for years. So long, that the trial against Kate Steinle's illegal alien killer is about to end. The jury has been deliberating for two days and still hasn't returned a guilty verdict. There are jurors who want the killer released...

President Trump is standing alone against the GOP establishment and Obama Judiciary. But he isn't alone.

He has YOU!

Rise up and fight back! Use the FaxBlast system below and FORCE Congress to send Kate's Law to President Trump's desk by any means necessary, or else be removed from office!

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