Happening Now: GOP Traitors Sneaking Through Radical Border Plan to Let Anyone Into the Country!

The Republican Establishment is stabbing you in the back. They are working with the Left to pass an immigration amendment that would open up for floodgates for illegal aliens to enter the United States legally instead.

Their plan is to approve asylum claims from anyone who claims to be a victim of "domestic violence" or "gang violence." No evidence... No proof of any of it... Anyone who shows up to a Border Patrol checkpoint and claims their spouse hit them would be welcomed into the United States.

This will open the door for millions more migrants to force their way into the United States, and it would all be completely legal.

The GOP thought they could push this through without anyone noticing. They were wrong.

Now it is up to YOU to fight back!

Please, don't let this radical proposal get passed into law! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill the Price-Yoder asylum amendment before it is too late!

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