Breaking: Paul Ryan Furious After Trump Issues Border Wall Demand!

More than a thousand illegal aliens rushed the border on Sunday. At least 42 got through and began pelting Border Patrol agents with rocks. The Border Patrol were able to repel the invasion with tear gas, but the Caravan is already planning a much larger human stampede.

We need the border wall and we cannot afford to wait any longer.

President Trump issued his final ultimatum to the GOP yesterday during a White House meeting. If Congress does not give him the full funding, he will veto whatever they send him and shut down the government.

Already, GOP cowards are working with Democrats to force the President to abandon the border wall plan entirely.

It is up to you. Only you can put pressure on Congress and force them to fund the border wall before it's too late!

Please, send your instantly delivered hard-copy letter (below) to Congress and FORCE them to immediately fund the border wall project, or else!

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