Breaking: GOP Traitors Striking Gun Confiscation 'Compromise' With Dems!

Lindsey Graham has spent the past week begging Democrats to 'meet him halfway' on gun control. Instead of passing the biggest gun ban ever, the GOP is agreeing to let the government confiscate guns from innocent Americans.

Under their proposal, the government would get the power to revoke your gun rights for an entire year without even having to accuse you of committing a crime...

This Red Flag bill is nothing but an attempt to turn your gun rights into a revocable privilege...

The GOP is eager to pass a gun control bill to preserve their political power. They think they can give away your gun rights without facing any consequences.

Please, join today's FaxBlast campaign and tell Congress, in no uncertain terms, that any Democrat or Republican who votes for this gun confiscation bill will be removed from office!

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