Caught: Dems Advancing New Radical Open Border Asylum Loophole!

Democrats have a new plan to open up the borders. They want to create a new exception to our asylum laws to force Border Patrol to release any illegal alien who claims to be "transgendered."

All an illegal alien would have to do is tell Border Patrol that they are "confused" about their "gender identity," and the government would have no choice but to set them free into the United States.

If this passes, Democrats will succeed in destroying our immigration laws. Just like we saw illegals pretending to be parents to force their way into the US, this new loophole would make immigration control impossible.

And that is precisely what the Left wants!

You can stop this madness from passing, but you need to take action right now!

Send your urgent letter to Congress right now and DEMAND that they kill any attempt to expand the asylum system to make it easier for illegal aliens to force their way into the country!

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