Breaking: There Are Now 3 GOPers Turning On Trump!

The number of GOP turncoats has now grown to THREE. If just one more Republican flips, then the Democrats will have the votes they need to seize control of the impeachment trial and extend it to call additional anti-Trump witnesses.

But here is where it gets truly maddening... The same GOP traitors lining up to help Democrats control the trial are also refusing to call defense witnesses, like the Bidens, the so-called Whistleblower, or Adam Schiff himself.

They are only supporting anti-Trump witnesses.

This whole thing is nothing but a GOP-led political assassination attempt!

Quick, we need your help to stop this betrayal before it is too late!

Please, join today's urgent campaign and STOP these traitors from turning on the President and handing control of the trial process to the Democrats!

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