After Impeachment Fails, Dems Advancing Amnesty For Millions Of Illegal Aliens!

With impeachment all but over, Democrats are now scrambling to accomplish something for their Leftist supporters. And they want that something to be the biggest amnesty package ever!

Nancy Pelosi's plan would not only make Barack Obama's amnesty executive order permanent, but it would expand it from covering just 700,000 illegals to protecting more than 2.5 million illegals. Not only that, but it would grant them a pathway to citizenship, even if they have as many as four criminal convictions on their record.

But the plan doesn't stop there. Democrats want to grant amnesty and citizenship to millions of illegal aliens working in the agricultural industry, and their families. Other plans are being developed to cover illegals working in the food service and hospitality industries.

Democrats and their GOP allies know they can't just grant amnesty and citizenship to tens of millions of illegal aliens all at once. They want to piece this together, bill by bill, so that YOU won't realize it in time to stop them.

Now that you know what they're doing, you must fight back!

Please, rise up and tell Congress right now that any Republican or Democrat, Congressman or Senator, who votes for this amnesty package will be removed from office!

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