Despicable: Pelosi Ruined American Lives To Get More Foreign Refugee Funding

Nancy Pelosi tried to remove President Donald Trump from power because he withheld aid from Ukraine.

It is time to remove Nancy Pelosi from power for withholding aid from the American people...

Nancy Pelosi blocked the stimulus bill for an entire week in order to give her party time to add ridiculous Leftist amendments to the package. Millions of Americans were laid off and countless businesses were forced to close their doors. Nancy Pelosi literally played political games with Americans' livelihoods.

And for what? The stimulus package is chock full of Democrat agenda items and even funnels $350 million overseas to help foreign refugees and migrants. Pelosi blocked aid from reaching American families and businesses in order to secure funding for foreign refugee programs...

She has truly gone too far this time...

Our goal today to bombard Congress with 1 MILLION FaxBlasts demanding that Nancy Pelosi be removed from power... or else. But we cannot do this without your help!

Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kick Pelosi out of power!

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