Stealing the Election: Pelosi Promising To Overturn States' Voter ID Requirements!

Vote by mail absolutely increases the likelihood of fraud. Just this week, a postal worker was indicted in West Virginia for tampering with voters' absentee ballot applications.

But Nancy Pelosi's plan wouldn't just increase the likelihood of fraud... it would guarantee it!

Tucked away in Section 160004 of Pelosi's bill is a provision eliminating state-level voter ID requirements. This is literally an attempt to invalidate voter ID laws around the country!

And the idiot Republicans are working on a "compromise." Democrats are literally trying to steal the election and the fools in the GOP are offering to meet them halfway...

You MUST rise up and stop this before it's too late!

Quick, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Pelosi's cheat-by-mail amendment before it's too late!

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