UN Forcing Trump To Re-Sign Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal

Obama's Iran nuclear deal has failed. As predicted, Iran is now just months away from having enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear bomb.

President Trump is racing to try to re-impose sanctions against Iran to stop them. But the United Nations is refusing to intervene unless Trump re-commits the United States to Obama's unconstitutional Iran Nuclear Deal.

They are refusing to stop Iran from building the bomb unless Trump violates the Treaty Clause of our Constitution and agrees to sign away American sovereignty without Congressional ratification (as Obama did). Unfortunately, Sec. Mike Pompeo has said we may have no choice but to rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal to get the sanctions reimposed...

Right now, Congress is debating a bill designed to re-authorize the billions of dollars we send to the UN every year. If Pelosi gets her way, the UN will actually get more money than they got last year...

We need your help to stop this! Not just to stop Pelosi from increasing the UN's funding... we need your help to cut it all!

Don't let the UN force us back into Obama's unconstitutional Iran Nuclear Deal! Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it's too late and FORCE them to pull the plug on the United Nations, once and for all!

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