Dems & GOP Teaming Up to Give Biden More Time to Steal the Election!

Since 1948, states have been required to finalize their elections by a set date. Democrats are now rushing to extend the deadline for states to choose the winner of the Presidential race in order to give Joe Biden more time to steal the election and challenge every ballot.

And the idiot Republicans are the ones helping the Left do this. The bill Democrats are now pushing was written by none other than Marco Rubio...

The Left knows that the only way Biden can win is through mail-in ballots. They are already admitting that they expect Donald Trump to win the election day vote. Now, Democrats are demanding more time to let them challenge or even change the election results.

You need to fight back against this! Don't let the GOP cowards cave and help Democrats steal the election!

Please, you must send your urgent message to Congress right now and force them to KILL any bill designed to change or extend the ballot counting or Electoral College deadlines!

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