It's Time To Impeach Joe Biden!

When Donald Trump sent 1,667 generators to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, Democrats proclaimed it wasn't enough and that he should be impeached for it. This week, Joe Biden only sent 60 generators to Texas, and most were earmarked for keeping Covid-19 vaccines cold...

By the Left's own standard, Joe Biden deserves to be impeached. But he also deserves to be impeached for his 54+ executive orders. But as we now have learned, Joe Biden's actions as Vice President are also fair game. If Trump can be impeached after leaving office, so can VP Biden.

Hunter Biden is still traveling the world selling his family name. The Bidens have not divested in their businesses abroad. So while Joe Biden is praising China, he is still getting his "10% for the big guy."

Joe Biden must be impeached, and Marjorie Taylor Greene is getting the ball rolling!

Please, join the fight and send your immediate FaxBlast to Congress now DEMANDING that they impeach Joe Biden immediately!

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