Breaking: Joe Biden Admits He Violated The Constitution

Joe Biden issued an order this week for the CDC to create a new eviction moratorium. With the stroke of a pen, Joe Biden has made it a federal crime for a landlord to charge tenants to live in his or her property.

Biden admitted later that day that his order was unconstitutional, but that he was being pressured by Leftists to issue it anyway, even if it meant the order only survived a couple of days or weeks.

As many as ten million Americans are now forced to work for free. They are forced to let renters live in their apartments and homes for free. They are now being forced to repair damage done to the property for free. Joe Biden has turned them into modern day slaves. He has stolen their livelihoods.

The Founders would have already risen up. Anyone who tried to enforce such an order would have been tarred and feathered. Any landlord who was imprisoned under this unconstitutional order would have been broken out of jail.

But the Founders gave us a peaceful way out, a last ditch effort to remove a tyrant without having to resort to violent conflict: impeachment.

Joe Biden must be impeached and removed from office and it is up to YOU to demand it!

Please, you must send your instant message to Congress and demand that Joe Biden be impeached and convicted for his crimes against the Constitution and the Republic!

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