Breaking: Democrats Trying to Disarm Soldiers, Veterans!

Every year, Congress must pass 12 spending bills to avoid a government shutdown. One of the most important of these bills is the National Defense Authorization Act. This bill keeps the United States Military funded and makes sure that soldiers receive their paychecks.

Democrats are using this must-pass bill to try to pass more gun control! Tucked away on Page 297 of the bill is a provision that would create a red flag firearm confiscation process in the military. Prosecutors and judges would be able to disarm soldiers without even accusing them of a crime, notifying them it was happening, or giving them a chance to defend themselves.

Combine this with Biden's plan to give dishonorable discharges to soldiers who refuse the forced covid vaccine and one thing is clear: Whatever Democrats are planning, they want to make sure that America's soldiers and veterans are disarmed. 

These men and women in uniform answered the call to protect you. Now, they need your help to protect their rights!

Stop the Left's plan to confiscate soldiers' weapons! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to REMOVE the radical gun control provisions found on page 297 of this year's NDAA! 

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