Democrats are renewing their push for the same unconstitutional gun control bills that they've been demanding for years. Before we even know why or how the Vegas shooter launched his massacre, they are demanding a new gun ban bill and the creation of a universal gun registry. But they also know they can't shove it down our throats.

So, they're using the backdoor. They are pressuring Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to create a special commission on gun violence. Their goal is to stack the commissions with anti-gun Democrats and liberal Republicans and use that to force a vote on their unconstitutional legislative package.

That is the only way they can get their gun ban and universal registry bill passed and they know it. If you block the commission from forming, you kill the Democrats' gun control dreams. It's that simple.

It is up to you to stop these Leftists from moving their anti-gun agenda forward!

Please, send your urgent and instant FaxBlast (below) and force Congress to stop Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell from giving the Left what it wants: a pathway to passing their unconstitutional gun control agenda!

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