Hillary Clinton is out again, this time declaring that it would be un-American to prosecute her for the crimes she committed. That's funny, I don't remember her criticizing the witch hunt against her political adversary, Donald Trump. In fact, she has been cheering it on.

Isn't it un-American for a sitting Secretary of State to sell 20% of America's uranium to our top nuclear adversary? Isn't it an abuse of power for Hillary Clinton and her aides to destroy evidence that was under a lawful Congressional subpoena and preservation order? Isn't it an abuse of power for a former-President to secretly meet with the sitting-Attorney General to interfere in a criminal investigation?

Jeff Sessions cannot be counted on. Congress has the power to do this on their own and they MUST!

Use the instant FaxBlast system below and FORCE Congress to start charging Hillary and her cronies and referring the cases directly to a grand jury!


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