Yesterday was a really, really bad day for the Clintons. 

Fusion GPS' bank records were unsealed, showing that the Clinton campaign's dossier payments were funneled into Russian accounts. We learned that the Obama administration ignored evidence that Russia was bribing Americans, including Hillary, over the Uranium One sale.

And internal FBI emails show that James Comey himself ordered the bureau to ignore the many conflicts of interest and let Andrew McCabe run the investigation, even though his wife had just received $700,000+ from Clinton donors.

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) holds tremendous sway on the House Judiciary Committee. After everything came to light yesterday, he came out and DEMANDED a full Congressional investigation into not only the Clintons, but the Obama officials who put their fingers on the scales of justice to protect them.

But he needs your help!

Send the Clintons a Thanksgiving treat they'll never forget! Use the FaxBlast system below to FORCE Congress to join Rep. Gaetz and launch a full investigation into these Clinton-Obama crimes!

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