Donna Marie Gracey is a 59-year-old Florida resident. Last week, she was driving in New Jersey and got pulled over for having "tinted windows." When she was fumbling for her license, the police officer saw she had a Florida carry permit. He then searched her vehicle and found a loaded handgun. 

Even though Gracey is licensed to carry a gun in 37 states, New Jersey doesn't honor her permit. She now faces multiple felonies for exercising her Constitutional right to bear arms.

The Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act would have stopped this. This legislation would have forced New Jersey to honor her out of state permit. The bill would also allow residents in these anti-gun states to get non-resident permits from states like Florida and Utah and then use it to carry nationwide.

This bill is the biggest pro-gun legislation ever introduced into Congress and it would tear down more than a century of unconstitutional state gun laws.

But it has stalled in Congress. Leadership in both the House and Senate refuse to do everything in their power to get it to Trump's desk. They want it to die like the other 300+ bills that made it halfway through Congress last year.

Don't let this happen! Join the fight and use the FaxBlast system below to instantly deliver your letter to Congress DEMANDING that they fully pass the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act by any means necessary!

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