Democrats and Establishment Republicans are chomping at the bit to give as many illegal aliens amnesty as possible. They call them "dreamers" and say that they have been here so long, they're basically Americans.

Well, it is time to call their bluff. Every single illegal alien male who comes of age in the United States or enters illegally before he turns 26 MUST register for the draft within 30 days. Yes, even illegal aliens must register for Selective Service.

Anyone who doesn't is committing a felon and as we all know, felons cannot receive amnesty even under the most generous Establishment proposals.

We are calling on Congress to make it MANDATORY for the government to cross reference amnesty applications against the Selective Service System's database and REMOVE any illegal alien who committed a felony.

But we need your help to force Congress to take action before it's too late!

Please, send your instant FaxBlast using the system below and DEMAND that Congress authorize this to remove hundreds of thousands of illegal alien felons!

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