UN Tells Trump Don't You Dare Withdraw from Iran Deal

The United Nations has gone too far. They are now colluding with European leaders to save the Iran nuclear deal. Even though President Trump has withdrawn the United States from the agreement, the UN is using YOUR TAX DOLLARS to keep the deal alive.

After Trump made his announcement, Iran's legislators literally stood on the floor of the country's parliament and chanted "Death to America" while burning American flags. Iran's government has promised to restart their nuclear weapons program. 

Congress never ratified the Iran nuclear deal. Obama chose to go through the United Nations and pass it as an international agreement. Just like we saw with the Climate Treaty, the UN is now trying to make it permanent.

And as I said, they are using America's funding to do it.

Ted Cruz has filed the legislation to end this once and for all. He has Democrats on board as well. But Ted needs your help to force the Congressional leadership to bring the bill to the floor!

Please, join the fight using our system below to DEMAND that Congress pull the plug on the United Nations once and for all!

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