Christine Blasey Ford -- the woman baselessly accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault from 35+ years ago -- was just given a deadline: testify on Monday or else Congress will move forward with the confirmation without her.

Ford is already crying foul, demanding a full FBI investigation into her allegations before she will say a single word under oath. After waiting three and a half decades to tell her "story" and demanding that Congress give her an opportunity to do so, Ford is now claiming she 'needs more time' to get her story straight.

That's the only thing the Left is interested in: delaying Kavanaugh's confirmation as long as possible. Every day they stall means another liberal lower court ruling will be kept in place...

Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has now given Ford a deadline to rsvp for the hearing. Ford's lawyer has already said she won't show up.

Enough is enough. Don't let the GOP fall for these Leftist smears!

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