Breaking: GOPers Refuse to Let Trump Stop the Caravan!

Lat night, under the cover of darkness, the illegal migrant caravan started fording the river to sneak into Mexico. When the sun rose, the caravan had completely re-formed behind the Mexican police checkpoint and had amassed to more than 5,000 people.

They just started marching towards the United States again. Trucks and busses have started arriving to carry the migrants north and UN officials are on location teaching the caravan how to game the US immigration system to get into our country.

Yesterday, Trump issued the biggest threat of all. Instead of calling up the National Guard to secure the border, he is going to mobilize the Army to shut this caravan down. Within minutes, Congressional leadership had already threatened to block the vote on the Congressional waiver.

At every turn, Congress is trying to shut President Trump down to keep the border wide open for the Caravan.

Take a look at the picture above. This is the caravan AFTER it snuck past the Mexican border checkpoint. It's larger than ever before. If Congress does nothing, these people will be inside the United States by this time tomorrow.

President Trump is doing everything he can, but he needs your help to force Congress to take action... and we are officially out of time!

Please, send your instantly delivered FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to shut down the border by any means necessary!

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