President Trump is just days away from announcing a number of major immigration executive orders. In addition to mobilizing the military to the border, Trump plans on issuing an executive order to block the caravan from entering the country. Yesterday, we learned that Donald Trump is also planning an executive order to clarify that birthright citizenship does not apply to children of illegal aliens.

Paul Ryan heard about this and he hit the roof. In a stunning rebuke of the President, Ryan ordered Trump to stand down and threatened that the President cannot issue any immigration executive orders.

Ryan has spent the past two years stalling on immigration, refusing to fix any of this. He's already struck a deal with Nancy Pelosi on a major amnesty vote after the midterm election. He is terrified that Trump will take action and ruin his amnesty plans.

So, Paul Ryan is promising to block any immigration executive orders that Trump signs. He wants to let all of the illegal alien caravans in.

Don't let these GOP traitors block the President! Please, send your instantly delivered letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to back-up the President by closing the borders and ending birthright citizenship!

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