The border wall is now on life support. In just 57 days, Democrats will gain control of the House of Representatives and, with that, the power to block any border wall funding from passing.

For two years, Paul Ryan has deliberately blocked border wall funding from reaching Trump's desk. Now, he needs to block it just one more time.

Congress must pass a new government spending bill by December 7th. If Ryan is able to stop the wall funding from reaching Trump's desk this one last time, then the wall will not get built during Trump's first term.

It really is now or never. The caravans aren't stopping. Illegal aliens are sneaking into this country faster than at any point during Trump's presidency. We need the wall NOW!

Please, fight back before it's too late! Send your urgent and instantly delivered FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to fully fund the border wall right now!

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