The first illegal migrants from the caravan have reached the US-Mexico border and they are demanding to be let in!

They re-routed away from Trump's border deployment in Texas and are trying to get into sympathetic California instead. Thousands of other caravan migrants are right behind them.

Pres. Trump doesn't have the funding to secure the entire border and the caravan knows this. UN officials are embedded with the caravan and are teaching the illegal aliens how to get around Trump's executive order in order to get full asylum.

Paul Ryan is giddy. He knows that if he can block border wall and border security one last time, then the border will remain wide open for years to come.

President Trump needs your help. It is up to YOU to force Congress to pass Rep. McCarthy's Build the Wall, Enforce the Law Act before it's too late!

Please, join the fight! Send your instantly delivered hard-copy message to Congress (below) and FORCE them to pass HR.7059 and fully secure the border right now!

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