More than 10k caravan migrants have now arrived at the border. When a few hundred scaled the fence yesterday to break into the US, Border Patrol agents were only able to arrest a couple dozen of them.

This is what happens when Republicans in Congress refuse to fully fund the border wall project!

President Trump has been meeting with Republican leadership all week to demand border wall funding. Leaders in both the House and Senate say it is impossible to secure the border this year. They are telling Trump he will have better luck negotiating with Nancy Pelosi come January.

The President is refusing to let the GOP surrender like this. He just announced that he will shut down the government if the Republicans in Congress try to block border wall construction again!

But President Trump needs your help to hold Congress' feet to the fire and we're running out of time. The deadline for border wall funding is December 7th!

Please, join the fight and send your instant and urgent letter to Congress FORCING them to fully fund the border wall and give Border Patrol all of the funding it needs to secure the border!

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