The migrant caravan is making record time. More than half of the reported 14,000 migrants have already reached the border, and thousands more are on their way. They covered more ground in a week than they had in the previous month. That is because they had help.

After week-long negotiations with the United Nations, the caravan all of a sudden got chartered buses. And while they drive to the border, they are being coached by UN officials on how to trick the United States into giving them asylum.

This is what your tax dollars are going towards. The UN is using American money to help the caravan break into this country.

And now, Paul Ryan and the GOP are working with the Democrats to restore all of the UN's funding that Trump cut!

The deadline is December 7. We are running out of time!

Please, send your instant and urgent hardcopy letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to preserve Trump's UN funding cuts and pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act to cut the rest!

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