The UN is demanding that Trump let the caravan in. Even after a thousand violent migrants stormed the border... even after hundreds of criminals were discovered hiding in the caravan... even after the caravan began testing positive for tuberculosis and even HIV/AIDS, the UN is demanding that Trump let them all in.

Now, a key UN Conference is set to criminalize migration hate speech. They are demanding that countries start imprisoning people who criticize open border migration. This comes on top of the millions of dollars that the UN is spending to help the caravan.

All of this is being done with YOUR TAX DOLLARS!

In just seven days, Congress is set to vote on a new spending bill that will restore hundreds of millions of dollars to the United Nations that Trump cut. If you think the UN is bad now, just wait until they get their hands on American tax dollars...

There is still time to stop this, but you need to act now!

Please, send your instantly delivered hard-copy letter to Congress (below) and DEMAND that they kill Paul Ryan's UN funding provisions and finally pull the plug on the United Nations for good!

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