Last night, under the cover of darkness, members of the illegal alien caravan began climbing over the border fence. They didn't try to rush the checkpoint. Instead, they walked until they found the border fence less secure and easier to climb over.

It is a stark reminder of what awaits us if Paul Ryan surrender plan succeeds. Congress just agreed to pass yet another spending package that blocks and outlaws border wall construction. The short term bill funds the government through the end of the month.

The GOP knows that if they can block the border wall funding one last time, they can hand the House over to the Democrats and have them stop the wall from being built.

This is it. It is now or never.

If Congress does not approve the border wall now, Pelosi and the Democrats will get the power to keep the border open for the remainder of the Trump Presidency!

The President thinks he's all alone. He is fighting the Courts, Obama holdovers in his administration, and even the GOP leadership in Congress. But he isn't alone... he has you!

Please, help the President secure the border and protect this country! Send your instant and urgent hard-copy letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to fully fund the border wall, or else be removed from office!

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