The United Nations just issued a radical ruling ordering the Trump administration to stop detaining illegal alien children and families. The UN is demanding that we just let them all in.

This month, a radical Clinton judge overturned Trump's asylum executive order because it conflicted with UN law. Now, the United Nations is trying to get Trump's entire border enforcement strategy thrown out.

And they're doing it all with YOUR tax dollars!

Right now, the focus of the government shutdown has been the border wall. But Establishment Republicans are also trying to sneak through provisions that restore the United Nations funding that Trump cut! They want to give the UN billions of your tax dollars.

The GOP is trying to sneak it through because they think you aren't paying attention. But you are, and that means you have a responsibility to fight back!

Please, send your urgent and instant hard-copy letter to Congress right now and ORDER them to pull the plug on the United Nations' funding once and for all!

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