Breaking: Democrats Celebrate as Republicans Endorse New Gun Control!

Democrats are actively courting Republicans to vote for their massive gun control package. Their goal is to pounce as soon as the next mass shooting tragedy makes the news.

The Left is openly admitting that they need another mass shooting to push their gun control through.

Democrats have already gotten half a dozen Republicans to sign onto their gun control package in the House. Now, they're working to get the votes in the Senate to them as well.

Ronald Reagan once said that our freedoms are never more than a generation away from extinction. He was right. After trying to get these unconstitutional bills through for over 15 years, Democrats now say they have the votes to get it done.

It is up to YOU to stop them before it's too late!

Please, send your instantly delivered FaxBlast to Congress right now and ORDER them to kill these gun control bills, or else you will remove them from office!

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