Nancy Pelosi is holding the first vote TODAY on a Resolution of Disapproval to override President Trump's national emergency and block the border wall from being built!

Even worse: Pelosi says she has enough Republican votes in the House and Senate to not only pass the bill, but even to override a Presidential veto!

Susan Collins became the first GOP Senator to promise to vote for it. More are following her lead.

If you don't fight back and stop this treachery right now, it will be too late...

You must fight back and stop these radical Democrats and open border Republicans from overriding President Trump's border wall executive order!

Don't let Pelosi and the open border GOP traitors win!

Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress (using the system below) and FORCE them to kill Joaquin Castro's Resolution of Disapproval and protect Pres. Trump's border wall order!

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