Last week, Democrats passed the most radical gun control bills ever in our country's history. Instead of holding firm on protecting the 2nd Amendment, GOPers in the Senate now want to 'meet somewhere in the middle.'

They're not going to let the Democrats eliminate the 2nd Amendment. Instead, McConnell wants to let them chip away at your gun rights!

Marco Rubio and Susan Collins' Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act would allow police to confiscate your firearms based on nothing but hearsay, and force YOU to prove to a judge that you deserve your guns back.

This bill makes gun owners guilty until proven innocent...

You MUST fight back before the GOP and Dems try to sneak this through!

Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now (below) and FORCE them to kill Marco Rubio's Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act before it's too late!

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