Lindsey Graham just announced that the GOP's gun confiscation bill is dead. Instead, he will work with Sen. Richard Blumenthal to come up with a nationwide gun confiscation bill that both parties support. Already, Democrats are demanding more gun control before agreeing to support Graham's plan.

The GOP held their hearing on this when the news first broke that the Mueller investigation was over. While the entire media was focused on Russian collusion (or lack there of), the Republicans were holding hearings on gun confiscation policy.

With the full report set to be released this week, that is when the establishment will strike again!

They are counting on catching you asleep. They know that they can only push this through if you aren't paying attention.

Please, stop the GOP from passing this horrible gun confiscation bill! Send your instant and urgent FaxBlast to Congress (below) and force them to KILL Lindsey Graham's "compromise" Red Flag bill before it's too late!

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