Breaking: Military Prison Defies Trump and Keeps Navy SEAL Hero in Restrictive Confinement

With your help, we pressured Congress and got them to convince President Trump to intervene and help an imprisoned Navy SEAL hero. Trump ordered Chief Edward Gallagher transferred to a less restrictive prison.

However, when he got there, a defiant Captain defied the President and reimposed the strictest restrictions. Today, Gallagher still cannot call or meet with his family or defense team without a military guard present.

The Commander in Chief issued an order and the head of this military prison was just caught defying it.

The corruption is now undeniable.

We never could have gotten this far without your help. But now that this Captain has been caught defying Trump's order, you must double down and DEMAND that Congress secure this American hero's immediate release!

Whatever you do, PLEASE send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and demand they fight for and secure Edward Gallagher's immediate release!

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