The Mueller Report is out. There was never any evidence of collusion and no criminal obstruction of justice.

But these two years of witch hunts did teach us something: Democrats, the media, and these Deep State traitors conspired to try to reverse the 2016 election, and they didn't cover their tracks...

The Obama administration lied to a FISA court to get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, traitors like Comey, Strzok, and McCabe lied under oath to Congress, they leaked classified information to try to destroy a political opponent, and they unconstitutionally spied on President Trump and his allies.

The only crimes that Mueller uncovered were committed by Democrats. Trump is demanding that they be fully investigated and prosecuted.

Congressional Republicans, however, want to move on. They are begging Trump to let these Deep State traitors all go and threatening to block any investigation into the origins of the Russian witch hunt.

Don't let these Deep State traitors and Obama officials get away with this! Force the GOP to find its backbone and go on offense!

Please, help us bombard Congress with a half million FaxBlasts today DEMANDING they investigate these Deep State and Obama criminals and refer them all for prosecution!

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