House GOP Moves to Stop Obama’s Ammo Ban!

This is NOT a drill! Barack Obama's ATF just announced that it plans to ban an entire subset of AR-15 ammunition (M855). This is the same type of ammunition used by our military and is responsible for a large percentage of the ammunition available to civilians.

The ATF is literally rewriting the law to make sure that you and I can't own this type of ammunition. If this new regulation is allowed to go through, then the effects will be devastating.

No government agency should be allowed to rewrite the law, especially not to disarm the American people! They failed at banning the AR-15, now they want to starve you of the bullets!

Here's the good news: The Republicans in Congress are going to take a stand! But we need your help! We need to blast every single Congressman and Senator DEMANDING that they sign on to this measure to put a stop to Obama's ammo ban!

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