Breaking: Obama’s DOJ Refuses to Prosecute Lois Lerner!

Once again, the Obama administration is proving it will stop at nothing to bury its scandals. And again, Congress wants you to believe they're powerless to stop this President. That couldn't be farther from the truth.

When Obama unconstitutionally uses executive orders to change the law, Congress conveniently forgets they have the power to impeach. When Obama threatens to push the Iran nuclear deal through the UN, Congress conveniently forgets they have the power to ratify treaties.

And when Obama administration officials refuse to arrest Lois Lerner and other criminal bureaucrats, Congress conveniently forgets they also have the power to arrest and imprison anyone held in contempt.

It's time for you to make them REMEMBER! Demand that Congress arrest Lois Lerner and imprison her until she agrees to testify on her involvement in targeting Conservative non-profit groups!

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