Obama Can’t Be Trusted With This Much Power

Congress is about to give Obama more power than he can be trusted with. Instead of using their treaty powers within the Constitution to protect the American people, they are going to cede this authority to the President so he can protect the interests of his corporate donors.

What we know about the treaty proves it is bad for the country. But the fact that Congress wants nothing to do with it and refuses to make the details public raises more questions than answers.

However, Congress CANNOT be allowed to give Obama the power to "fast-track" the treaty and negotiate it on his own. If left unchecked, he could add whatever he wants to the treaty, including the UN Arms Trade Treaty language.

We have to stop this. The GOP is ready to give up their treaty powers to Obama once agains. This cannot be allowed to happen and it is up to YOU to raise your voice and put a stop to it!

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