Hillary Clinton is on Borrowed Time

The House Benghazi Committee gave Hillary a deadline of next week to testify and it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Hillary hasn't responded to the Committee and the State Department refuses to hand over Hillary's documents and emails. They are too busy having the Clinton Foundation review them first...

Enough is enough! If Hillary won't testify and the Obama administration won't cooperate, then Congress must resort to force. The Law gives Congress the power to use the Sergeant-at-Arms to compel testimony and evidence releases. Then, if Hillary still refuses to testify (like Lois Lerner), the House Sergeant-at-Arms can confine the witness to the Capitol Jail until she agrees.

Yes, this is a drastic measure. But it has to be on the table. First things first, Congress needs to prepare Contempt charges against Hillary and every State Dept. bureaucrat holding up the investigation.

Time's running out. Congress MUST begin Contempt proceedings against Hillary Clinton for refusing to testify!

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