Smoking Gun to Arrest Hillary Clinton

It doesn't get any more cut-and-dry than this. Congress has more than enough evidence to hold Hillary Clinton in Contempt of Congress.

Hillary claimed that classified information was never stored on her private email server. That was a LIE!

Hillary claimed she only used one email address as Secretary of State. That was a LIE!

She declared that it was ok to delete her emails because she never received a subpoena. That was a LIE! She was under subpoena and chose to delete 31,000 eails anyway.

On top of that, Hillary believes there's nothing you can do about it. Wrong again...

Lying to Congressional investigators isn't a laughing matter. Hillary Clinton committed perjury. Congress MUST hold Hillary accountable. 

Force her to testify and if she refuses, throw her in jail! 

It's up to you to demand action and force Congress to make this scandal a top priority! Let your voice be heard!

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