GOP RINOs Just Proved They Don't Care About Your Gun Rights!

It has finally happened... Barack H. Obama's gun control executive order does, in fact, include confiscation. He has instructed the Social Security Administration to start disarming 75,000 beneficiaries a year for absolutely no reason!

Luckily, some Congress has answered our calls and has started the process of putting a stop to this. But the party leadership is dragging its feet. If you don't rise up and stop this, hundreds of thousands of Social Security recipients will have their guns forcibly removed from their homes.

It doesn't matter whether you are on Social Security or not -- whether you are young or old -- an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.

Don't let Obama get away with this! FaxBlast Congress to pass this common sense bill and STOP Obama's gun confiscation plans before he gets away with this!


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