Defiance: Obama Bringing Another 1,300 Refugees Into the US!

Barack Obama has just announced that he will bring an additional 1,300 refugees into the US in complete defiance of the American electorate.

These 1,300 refugess were turned away by Australia because they either posed a threat or were determined to contribute little, if anything, to the Australian economy. Now Obama is bringing them here.

The American people have spoken. The President is, instead, trying to bring as many refugees into the US as he can before Inauguration Day.

Congress has to pass a budget or a Continuing Resolution before the end of the month, otherwise the government will run out of money. This is our chance to put an end to Obama's unvetted refugee program once and for all!

Send your FaxBlast to Congress below and DEMAND that they attach the American SAFE Act to this week's Continuing Resolution!

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