Will Congress Give Obama Blank Check to Persecute Christians?

At the end of the week, Congress will vote on the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act. As you read this, GOP leadership is meeting behind closed doors to craft a "compromise" bill.

They have excluded all amendments and provisions related to religious freedom. If this bill is allowed to move forward as-is, there is no telling what damage Barack Obama could do in his last 50 days.

Without these provisions, the future is uncertain for military men and women like Lt. Col. Michael Kersten - who currently faces the prospect of disciplinary action for saying his role model is Jesus Christ.

For 7 years, Obama has tried to purge the military of its brave heroes. We have the power to make sure that he is blocked from doing the same in his last 50 days.

But that only happens if you rise up right now and DEMAND it!

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