Fact: Activist Judges + GOP Cowards Bring Thousands of Unvetted Refugees Into US

Since Trump took office, more than 6,200 refugees have been brought into the country. The vast majority of these have come in after the 9th Circuit activist judges decided to intervene and reinstate Obama's failed refugee policies.

Now, 70% of all refugees are coming from the countries of concern that Trump listed in his executive order. This doesn't include the 1,250+ "inadmissible" refugees that Obama had previously agreed to take in from Australia.

Enough is enough.

The entire GOP leadership voted to shut this refugee program down. They all voted to implement extreme vetting. Now that they have the votes, they're running away from their promises.

No more!

Please, send your important FaxBlast to Congress below and FORCE Congress to vote to kill this dangerous refugee program!

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