Betrayal: GOP and Dems Pushing Major Amnesty Immigration Bill

The GOP smells blood in the water. With Democrats piling onto the Trump administration, the Republican establishment sees an opportunity to push through amnesty legislation and force the President to sign it.

The immigration bill being written by John Cornyn allows employers to continue hiring illegal aliens, leaves the door open for backdoor amnesty, and provides funding for only TEN miles of Donald Trump's border wall. Other Congressmen and Senators are rushing to push through job-killing foreign worker amendments and the Democrats have revived their Bridge Act, sensing a chance to cement Barack Obama's amnesties into law.

The GOP hasn't published the bill because they want to delay as long as possible. They know that you will be calling and faxing them nonstop as soon as you learn of this betrayal. They don't want you to learn about their plan until it is too late for you to stop them.

But now you know. Now you know about this monumental betrayal.

Are you going to sit by and watch this country be overrun? Or will you join our 300k FaxBlast push and bury Congress in faxes reminding them of who they work for?

Join us and send your FaxBlast below, demanding that Congress kill this backdoor amnesty bill and instead, build the wall, defund sanctuary cities, and pass Kate’s Law!


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